making lemonade

my weekend view

After learning from my ortho doc on Friday morning that my third metatarsal in my right foot has fractured (it makes my sixth current fracture in my feet) and experiencing severe pain in my right knee and hip that is making it even more difficult to walk, I am spending this weekend in bed resting with Henry the Wonderpup.

I don’t know why, but this new fracture is much more uncomfortable than the others, and the pain I’m having from my RA in my knee and hip is also much worse than a normal flare.

Regardless of the cause and though I’d rather not be in bed, I’m using my time to work on some new things.

I recently read several studies that link MSG and aspartame to fibromyalgia (which I also have). I gave up aspartame and all other artificial sweeteners a couple of years ago but I am now in the process of removing MSG and other preservatives from my diet as well. In my research, I’ve decided to try this:


I think it will help my RA, and, if I see an improvement, I will use it with my health coaching clients as well.

I’ve also been using this downtime to work on some school “extras” that I haven’t had time for up until now. Tonight I learned the basics of amino acid therapy for sugar addiction, hypoglycemia, and neurotransmitter imbalances and I am stoked to be able to add that to my practice as well.

With graduation only a few months away, I will be setting up my practice so I can work via Skype and FaceTime as sick days and weekends are just unavoidable right now – but I am so grateful that it is possible for me to do so.

As for the rest of the weekend – and likely into next week, I’ve stacked up my books that I’ll be working on next and made a list of the topics I need to work on from my school’s site. I also have a new module and a coaching circle due. Luckily, all of those can be done from my spot and my fabulous study my amazing husband made for me across the hall:

Since our daughter is unfortunately also now dealing with autoimmune issues (which troubles me more than ALL of my issues combined), she is homeschooling. However, I am so thankful that she too can pile up next to me with her computer and do her work and not fall behind anymore on her bad pain days.

Honestly, this is a huge shift for me with my illness in terms of mobility. Previously, I’ve dealt with significant fatigue and not being able to walk any distances or stand for long and those type of RA issues (and they are severe and that is bad enough) but this is different. I am barely making it to our kitchen right now and standing is a challenge.

While I knew there would be times like this, it is still a lot to wrap my head around.

And it is really upsetting (of course).

But this does not surprise God – and His plan clearly worked around these circumstances, because, when I started my program, being in this condition was the last thing on my mind. Yet, here I am. And I am still able to do my work, graduate, AND start my practice. And I am home with my Buggle so she is able to homeschool – which is so important as she is not able to attend regular school right now. So things are as they are supposed to be, even if we are having to wait longer than we want to for some of the particulars to be worked out.

So, though I am upset, I am also profoundly grateful.

I know there is a plan for all of this.

Even if I can’t see all of it.

I will keep trusting Him.

And we will push on.

And do all of the things we CAN do right now.

And make lemonade.

my buggle and me


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