good stuff, rough stuff, and onward.

First of all, after yesterday’s major issues with our older daughter, wouldn’t you know that I logged on for online church this morning and this was today’s sermon topic:

God has the best timing.

Here is the link to this wonderful sermon if you want to watch it:

I so needed it today.

As I said yesterday, God’s got this.

Also, my health situation has continued to decompensate – probably due to all of the stress we’ve had. Today, I found that that both of my feet were even a bit worse, my hip is also more difficult, and both of my hands are throbbing. Most scary, I think, is that my right hand was too weak to lock our deadbolt. All of this has just NEVER gone wrong at once, especially since this is in addition to spinal pain, burning knees, and breathtaking fatigue.

After much thought and prayer, the only things to do are to surrender to a temporary increase in prednisone (it is a necessary evil sometimes) and plan lots of rest, rest, rest this week. I’m also making the turmeric gummies that I didn’t get around to in last week’s craziness. Finally, my methotrexate was due tonight and I “nurse dosed” it up for real:

Chemo coma here I come – but I’m praying this will bring some relief as well.

Now, for the fun stuff – for me at least. 😉

My better half offered to make his amazing burgers tonight and there was absolutely no way Sara and I were turning them down – so we had a treat night here:

Courtney’s burgers on GF buns.

Tomorrow, for lunch, we are making sweet potatoes in the Instant Pot and topping them with grass fed butter and bacon. Yum I say!

For dinner, I get to see mah bestie and I cannot wait.

The rest of the day shall be spent studying and resting – and I will be planning a fabulous Paleo menu for the week also. The forecast calls for rain all week, meaning even more rest will be needed so I am extra thankful for my new Instant Pot and the beautiful care package our precious family sent over the weekend! We are so blessed!

I am going to remember this when I am overwhelmed and I’m going to take my meds and take care of myself and my family and know that God’s got this.

Be well, everybody.

Grace and Blessings.

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