the joy of sharing experiences – alternatively titled “Sara and I adore Stevie Nicks”

When I take my methotrexate shot, my entire schedule goes straight out the window for about 48 hours. There are chemo comas and stomach issues to ride out – and I just have to roll with it.

So that’s where I’ve been.

But now I’m up from a long sleep, sharing a bowl of popcorn with Henry, and ready to chat.

And, in the midst of this latest injection recovery period, a few things have gotten my lil’ brain a churnin’.

First, I saw this article on Facebook – and usually see something similar every year from the peeps who don’t want their kids to get many gifts (though I’m only focusing on one part of it – we’ll get to that in a minute):

Second, last night when I was up with some nasty GI issues from my shot – in between long sleeps – and Sara was up with me (it’s her Fall Break), we hardcore binged AHS-Coven. We watched ALL of our remaining episodes (and they were SO good). And several of them featured Queen Stevie Nicks and we both just adore her. So, an idea has started blossoming. . .

Lastly, some ideas about minimalism and reducing and needing less had already been in my mind lately so they all kind of came together while I was stuck in bed.

While I will never be one to suggest we don’t give gifts – gifts and finding surprises for my loved ones is definitely one of my love languages – in recent years, I have been all about giving experiences as gifts also.

We gave our daughter tickets to her first concert – Panic At The Disco – and she had the BEST time and my husband and I have gone to concerts and basketball and baseball games and had so much fun together. Making memories makes the perfect present.

My ticket stub jar. So many great memories. ❤️[[[[
I’m not being at all morbid, just honest, when I say that, living with a chronic illness has impressed upon me the need to do things while I’m able and to enjoy today with my family and friends, so I do my best to do the things I love with the people I love.

As good luck would have it, Fleetwood Mac is coming RIGHT after my 40th Birthday next year and I’ve decided to ask for tickets for my birthday. What better way to celebrate a fabulous 40 than with my family and the Queen herself?

And as you do your Christmas shopping, yes, of course, look for that perfect thing they will love to open, it’s SO much fun when they unwrap it! But also think about sticking some amazing tickets in one of those boxes or taking that awesome day trip you’ve talked about forever or even just making a whole day of Christmas and not being in a rush. The time together is so much more important than any thing you could give.

Make those awesome memories – even the 3 AM Thursday AHS watching ones are great ones.

Be well, everybody. Happy Saturday!

Grace and Blessings!

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