thank goodness, my Henry is on the mend – and back by my side. . .

Five days ago, I turned 40 and my amazing family just spoiled me so. . .

Beautiful gifts from my husband and daughter and our Mom, Pop, and GJ. . . and flowers and Mumford and Sons tickets (!!!). . . and vegan GF cupcakes from this heavenly little bakery. . .

It was wonderful.

I planned to do a whole post about my 40th and some goal setting and thoughts and that sort of thing. And I probably still will later on.

But. . .

During the night of the 23rd, my Henry got really sick. He vomited all night.

I stayed up with him during the night and Sara and I took him to the vet the next morning.

They ran tests and his blood sugar was found to be 444.

Oh my word.

He is diabetic.

They told us they were going to have to keep him overnight at point, understandably, and, of course, we want to do whatever is best for Henry, but, ughhhhhh. . .

We had never been separated for so long and it is incredibly difficult for Henry and for me – and for the rest of our family too.

Though I write about my Henry frequently here, my newer readers may not realize that he is actually my Emotional Support Animal (ESA) in addition to being a beloved family member.

When he joined our family on August 18, 2017, one of my doctors suggested I get an ESA to help with my persistent severe anxiety that was sending my heart rate through the roof. Because we believe in rescuing, we went to the Humane Society (actually to meet a different dog), but God had it all planned out for me to meet my Henry instead – and it was love at first sight.

Henry’s “baby” picture. He was four when we adopted him. He’ll be six in May. ❤

He literally jumped in my lap when we met – and his sweet disposition has made him the PERFECT ESA. He has always wanted to be by my side from day one.

I realize there are some abuses of the service animal system – but my Henry is actually a medically ordered service pup. And, oh do I need him.

Here is the link to my post from the day he came home:

I’ve had generalized anxiety as well as panic disorder for twenty seven years now but it exploded with my chronic illness and subsequent disability.

I manage it with the help of Henry, Valor essential oil, quiet time, deep breathing, and Cymbalta.

Henry is literally a part of everything I do:

40 14
He goes with us on all of our road trips.
40 16
He is a part of all of our holidays – and Santa brings him many gifts!
He is a huge part of our family and we love him so! ❤
He never leaves my side – especially when I am sick.
We dress up together for everything. This was his 5th birthday party. ❤

So, when he was sick and in the hospital, we were all just distraught.

And it was made worse knowing that he also has separation anxiety – so we knew he was really REALLY upset and confused as to what was happening.

This was all on Thursday.

I barely slept during the night Thursday night. Every time I would manage to doze off, I would wake up covered in sweat. This happened four times. On the fourth full change of clothes, I just gave up and decided to get up for good so I checked my heart rate for the morning – lying flat in bed, it was still 127. I REALLY need my Henry with me.

By Friday afternoon, the vet’s office had called to say they had been giving him fluids – and didn’t plan to send him home that night after all, but the next evening instead.

Then I started losing my marbles.

Luckily, my husband had the presence of mind to take me to the vet’s office, where we spoke to our usual vet (who did Henry’s surgery a couple of months ago), and he realized how difficult it is to separate an ESA from his human for so long – and also knew that nothing was going to be done overnight anyway – so he agreed to clamp Henry’s IV for the night and send him home, to come back first thing next morning to do his day’s worth of blood sugars and set his insulin.

Of course, when they brought him in, I saw that his little nose was raw from trying to get out of the kennel, and it just BROKE MY HEART. My poor baby. . .

But he came home. ❤

His poor little nose. Oh my heart. But he was home and in his bed and with his family, so all was well. ❤

He did have to go back for the day on Saturday to check his blood sugars – and that did suck out loud – but we were told we could pick him up after his 6:30 PM blood sugar check and all of us – Courtney, Sara, and I – were there waiting for him.

He came home with insulin twice a day, which he has no problem with me giving him.

He is so happy to be home – and we are So. Freaking. Happy. he is back. ❤

Since he got home, he is having some pain and trouble with the paw where he had the IV but the vet’s office said that is normal and gave him some pain medicine to keep him comfy.

He is now getting all the doggie goodies – the kind he is allowed, of course – and all the loves and spoiling and cuddles. I am so so grateful that he is better. Thank You, Lord.

And, now, in our little corner of the world, where we don’t see much snow, we are under a Winter Storm Warning and awaiting 2-4 inches. Yay! So, we have the blinds open, watching, as it’s supposed to start around 2 AM.

We’ve got the crock-pots ready for hot chocolate and taco soup and we have our cozies on.

And, after some scary scary times last week, we’re gonna be snowed in with the cutest, bestest lil’ ESA Wonderpup in the land!

God is so good. ❤

Be well, everybody.

Grace and Blessings.


this. ❤

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