home! and a goulash type post.

I’ve been doing SO much sleeping since I last wrote – but now it’s time to get all caught up.

Journeying Home

On Tuesday, we had a fabulous trip back.

During the first part of our return home, from Montreal to Newark, we were on a very small plane, a United Express, and I, having not yet gotten to visit New York, really wanted to see the skyline while we landed. I asked our flight attendant if that was going to be possible and he told me he needed to check something with the pilot. He did – and returned, telling me that we were on the wrong side of the plane – BUT that he had one seat open on the right side and I could hop over there quickly and get a great view if I would like to.

And I so did.

in a new york state of mind. ❤

So incredibly kind of him. ❤

We had a three hour layover in Newark and then flew to Nashville, where Ginny’s sweet husband, Daniel, picked us up and we returned to their house to wait for my people.

reunited and it feels so good. . .

I was so so happy to see them!

What an amazing trip.

A Nifty Thing I Forgot To Share

One little super fun – to me at least – thing we saw that I forgot to share was Habitat 67. We were able to see it from atop Notre Dame de Bon Secours and my picture doesn’t do it justice.

habitat 67 is the structure on the left in the back.
this is a picture from their site so you can see what an amazing structure it is.

Just different from anything I’ve ever seen before. ❤

Henry Herring ❤

Oh, did I miss my Henry Herring – and he missed me too. He had to go to the vet upon my return to deal with some issues with his diabetes – but he is doing very well. He is not letting me out of his sight – and I am not letting him out of mine either.

We are not accustomed to being separated.

my ma went to canada and all i got was three t-shirts. . . =D
he and mickodemus are even abiding each other. . . =O

Some Serious CRPS Foot Talk

An issue that I haven’t discussed much is this hellacious CRPS flare that started about six weeks ago now – and has NEVER left me.

It stayed with me through ALL of Montreal and I spent ALL of Montreal like this:

mervin and me. i am so thankful to have him.

I am so grateful for Ginny and all she did to make everything work with Mervin the Smartchair and me. We really had a wonderful time. ❤

Still, the CRPS foot – Leftie – is not being kind.

the infamous Leftie.

So today is Doctor Day. . . . Dun Dun Dun. . .

We shall see what, if anything, he does. All prayers, good vibes, and warm fuzzies are appreciated.

I was incredibly fortunate that the first couple of times my CRPS came, it left quickly. Most people are not so lucky. As it has stayed so long this time, I fear that we may no longer be able to call this a “flare.” It may just be here. It sucks but it is the reality of the situation. I will post more about it when I know more.

Now, for something that is troubling me greatly. . .

Treatment of Those Seeking Asylum

While I was away, I still got breaking news type notifications on my phone but I otherwise didn’t follow much news from home. I honestly took a break – because we all know it’s a crazymaker right now. However, upon my return, of course, I started getting caught up.

And then yesterday I saw the heartbreaking testimony of Yazmin Juarez before members of Congress on the death of her daughter after receiving negligent medical treatment while in ICE custody.


I have recently written about the treatment of those in US custody and this is completely heartbreaking. This is unacceptable. This is not a political issue; it is a human rights issue.

So, again, I ask you all, to please DO SOMETHING.

To look up the contact information for your Congressional Representatives:



Contact them often, daily if you can. Email or call them and let them know that this is not okay.

If you wish to help financially, there are ways to help.

Unfortunately, though the US Government is refusing to provide basic essentials for these people, they are also refusing to allow non-profits in to help. So direct assistance in that manner is not possible at this time. However, there are organizations providing aid in other ways.

Together Rising is working diligently to assist with family reunifications as well as addressing the deplorable conditions in which people are being held.


RAICES provides free and low cost legal aid to migrant families, a service that is desperately needed at this time.


babytobaby.org is assisting migrant families around the border and you can either donate to them or they have an Amazon wishlist linked on their site and you can send items from it to help families.

Home Page

Please just do something to help. Today. And again tomorrow.

This is NOT OKAY.

Be the hands and feet of Jesus,

Or just be a good human.

Be well, everybody.

Grace and Blessings.


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