doing the little things I can, making small steps forward with my health, rejoicing in simple but perfect blessings . . . grateful for my smurf life.

If I could tell the world just one thing

It would be we’re all okay

And not to worry because worry is wasteful

And useless in times like these

I won’t be made useless

Or be idle with despair

I’ll gather myself around my faith

For light does the darkness most fear.

My hands are small I know

But they’re not yours they are my own

But they’re not yours they are my own

And I am never broken.

Poverty stole your golden shoes

But it didn’t steal your laughter

And heartache came to visit me

But I knew it wasn’t ever after

We will fight, not out spite

But someone must stand up for what’s right

Because where there is a man who has no voice

There ours shall go singing.

My hands are small I know

But they are not yours they are my own

But they are not yours they are my own

And I am never broken.

In the end only kindness matters.

In the end only kindness matters.

I will get down on my knees, and I will pray.

I will get down on my knees, and I will pray.

I will get down on my knees, and I will pray. . .

— Hands, Jewel

Y’all, it’s been an awful news week, globally, nationally, locally.

There have been soldiers killed abroad, the Taliban claiming credit for an attack on a US military plane – which just leads to fear in my heart of more war in Afghanistan, the awful news about Kobe Bryant, and, here in my home state, a terrible fire that killed eight people, including 6 members of one family. At the same time, an off duty police officer was shot and wounded badly while working as a security officer at a local church.

All of this terrible news is enough to make a person just feel helpless and oh so small.

At the same time, while facing my own health crisis, I’ve realized – again – just how quickly things can turn – and how little control I have over my body, leaving me feeling tiny in the face of it.

But. . . God.

As I was having my quiet time, I remembered my days of being called Smurf – I’ve always been little – and now stand about five foot three if I REALLY straighten up – and I was reminded that small isn’t always a bad thing and that there ARE things I can do to shine my little light no matter how sick I am and that the small health improvements I’m seeing each day ARE adding up.

And those little blessings that surround me everywhere? They all add up to some big beautiful things.

focusing on the small things I can do

In the fall, I was asked to join the greeting team at our church – and I was so happy to do so.

A week later, I was hit with my first round of osteomyelitis. Needless to say, greeting was not in the cards for me at the time.

And then I really hoped to get back on our regular church schedule in January – but I couldn’t because my right foot was giving me fits. Of course, that turned out to be osteo, round two.

And I am still home, recovering.

However, it turns out that another part of our greeting team is WRITING CARDS – glorious snail mail – and a writer’s services are needed. . . Oh my heart. In this situation where I need to help much more than our church needs me to help, I am so profoundly grateful that there is something I can do to shine a little bit of light and joy and the love of Jesus into this present darkness.

Thank You, Lord, for making something for little me.

considering the big picture of my small health improvements

Since I was discharged from the hospital, I have been improving a little each day.

Thankfully, though my pronounced limp is just mine, my walking is GREATLY improved – and I am overjoyed.

And I will spare y’all the picture of my right foot right now – as it is still not at all pretty – but it is healing. Unfortunately, the infection was much worse this time and so the process is slower – but it is going in the right direction.

Thank the Lord.

The progress with my diabetes has been truly wonderful.

my blood sugar yesterday in the morning.

Considering that I was found to have an A1C of 13.3 in the hospital, where my last one had been 7, and we started working with blood sugars around 450, this is fantastic.


Finally, though my pain has not been fun, it has not been CRPS bad – which is ALWAYS a great concern with a surgery. Any procedure can result in a nasty CRPS flare – or, worse, a spread. . . but it didn’t.

Thank You, God.

all of my small – and my really big – blessings

I am one blessed lady.

Not only have I had all the wonderful things I’ve already named, my people love me SO well and I am surrounded by things that bring me joy and make me smile.

Flowers are my favorite and yesterday I was surprised by these:

Also, when this little blogger was fishing around for something to put on while I was working in the middle of the night, I discovered a Roku full of the movies I love to watch – because my person loves me so well. ❤


Sometimes the little things are the big things too.

And, as I’ve been in, I’ve had more time with the bestest funky bunch.

And, every day, I either see my babies or hear from them, a blessing I am forever grateful for. ❤

This little Smurf has MUCH to be grateful for every single day.

So, when I feel small, I know that I am watched over and loved and held..

And I put my hands to work doing what I can.

And I trust that God has all of this.

And I know that I am blessed.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.


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