a happy (hospital) valentines day to me and mine.

Over the past several days, I have been getting progressively weaker. And still having crazy night sweats. And developing some crazy GI symptoms. And, of course, my right foot still hasn’t been healing. And my labs have been wonky. . .

All of this despite the fact that I have been on some incredibly strong IV antibiotics daily at home via PICC.

So, finally, no matter how hard I tried to fight it, I had to make way back to the ER yesterday – Valentines Day.

So, we packed up – because we were pretty sure we would be staying put – and headed out.

As I told my Facebook friends though, at least on the way, this was the year I DID get to finally have my Waffle House Valentines meal that I’ve been saying I would have one year with my Sara Bug, as we knew to stop in the early AM and eat because food is a challenge for us once we sign in to the hospital:

Once we arrived at the hospital, we were checked in quickly and all manner of labs and scans were run. It was determined pretty quickly that I do indeed have another infection and am septic – but thankfully it was caught early and my infectious disease team is fantastic.

In the emergency department, there were some problems with my PICC and it had to be replaced in the other arm – but, with sepsis, that may well have been a blessing anyway.

We were in the ER for many hours awaiting a bed but eventually were moved to a room on the nicest newest unit – which is especially great news as it seems we will be here for several days.

The ER brought many frustrations – but the staff on the unit have been wonderful.

More antibiotics have been added to my regimen and I am now waiting to learn if I will need to go back to the OR for further debridement of my wound.

still kicking!

And when we got settled on the unit and I opened my devotional for the day, this verse – that my Daddy and I had JUST talked about a few hours earlier – was the verse for today:

clearly a message for me here. ❤

As for Valentine’s Day spent at the hospital?

Well, it certainly isn’t my preference.

BUT. . .

When it comes to being loved. . .

My sweet Sara Bug is on the pull out, uncomfortable sofa bed thing-y, staking camp with me for the weekend. ❤

My precious Daddy ran laps today, coming to see about us and help us and call us. ❤

My amazing better half worked all day and then took care of Henry, who can’t be here, and then came across town just to bring me stuff I needed – and is doing it all over tomorrow. ❤

I have certainly been loved oh-so-well by my people this Valentines.

I am a blessed lady indeed.

perhaps the title of my autobiography? 😉

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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