the waiting place.

As I write to you, it’s 2 AM and it’s quiet here on the 12th – the top-  floor of the hospital.

My sweet Sara Bug is working next to me and it’s raining hard against our window.

The view is amazing.

I am on inpatient Day 5, NPO, awaiting surgery on my right foot this morning to clean out the infection again – and also to place a wound vac as this foot has not only been non-healing, it has actually worsened over the past month.

For now, I sit in The Waiting Place.

As a nurse, I am familiar with this path.

I’ve dealt with wound vacs.

And I’ll be keeping my PICC – and we’ll be adding some additional IV antibiotics as well, per Infectious Disease.

Of course, my surgeon coming in and actually telling me this, while not entirely unexpected, brought no small amount of anxiety.

And God?

Sent this as my devotional reading this afternoon . .

His timing never fails. ❤

This will be okay – and I’m sure the Lord will give grace to get through the wound vac as well.

I just struggle with the things I know – and The Waiting Place.

Also, in my Facebook memories while I have been here inpatient, was this reminder of my marathoning days. . .


I miss running terribly – and I never imagined, when I completed my first marathon, that I would be so terribly ill so few years later.

All of this has not been helped by separation from my Henry this admission as well as so much time away from my husband who has needed to run back and forth, caring for the baby boy and working on our home.

my loves. oh my heart. ❤

I am so ready to go home and be with my family.

But, for now?

It’s time to do my pre-op prep.

And then I’ll sit and read and write and watch the rain.

And wait.

And pray.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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