well, these boots weren’t made for walking (again) – but they will soon I hope.

I’ve commented before that it seemed particularly. . . ironic. . . that the distance runner keeps losing function in my feet and legs.

First, it was the multitudinous stress fractures – now present in every metatarsal.

Then rounds of CRPS in both feet – excruciating to endure AND they have changed the way my feet function.

Then it was osteomyelitis in both feet at different times, the wound on my right foot having finally closed up totally yesterday from January.

During my last hospital admission for my right foot, avascular necrosis was found in my right hip as well. #fixitjesus

Well, despite all of that, I was back up and getting around a bit better with Ellie, my fabulous leopard print cane, when, as I wrote in my previous post, severe nerve pain through my left hip and leg and major difficulty walking came on suddenly – almost three weeks ago now – though it is certainly MUCH worse today than when it began.

As my previous post says, I was diagnosed in the ER with a CRPS flare and sent home. However, my rheumatologist ordered some additional testing – an MRI of my lumbar spine – and today I learned that my CRPS is only part of the answer.

It turns out that my L5-S1 has ruptured and a few disks above it have narrowed. The ruptured disk is causing the sciatica, and, with CRPS, anything nerve related is exponentially more painful.

So, here we are.

Of course, with the COVID-19 crisis, surgery isn’t even an option right now, so I will be having an epidural block to see if that will give me some relief. I am praying it does.

ANYTHING is welcome at this point.

Because it involves my hip and my leg now, this is the worst pain I’ve EVER had when it flares and it is just impossible to contain at that point.

So I’m spending my days in my spot.

Still, my husband and daughter – and Henry the Wonderpup – are taking amazing care of me and we are pushing through.

my wonderful husband filled our room with these stunning flowers for me after coming to my rescue when I was having the worst time trying to trek all over the place for my MRI and couldn’t go another step – and learned that there was no hospital escort due to COVID-19. (Needless to say, MRI day ended in a pain crisis night.) Still, I am so so blessed. ❤

Between this situation and the quarantine, other than absolute medical necessities – like the MRI – I don’t leave home, so I am completely disoriented right now in terms of what day it is or date pretty often – as are many of us.

as always, she who laughs, lasts. 😉

It’s just a strange time.

And I don’t understand the why of this suffering. Perhaps it’s not for me to know.

But I do know that God is a good good Father and I trust Him and He is sovereign over this whole thing. That I can be sure of.

So I am going to be back here, pain or no pain, as I may be in this spine situation for the long haul and life can’t just stop. Leggo.

I meant to share something with everyone on Easter Sunday but it ended up a bit crazy in our part of the world – I was in so much pain as we were having severe weather and we had to race downstairs for a tornado warning. . .

When all was said and done, there were 24 tornadoes in my state and multiple tornadoes with fatalities in surrounding states. Just devastating.

Still, this really spoke to me when I heard it last week and it has stayed with me.

Happy Belated Easter, y’all. He is Risen.

Be well. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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