one of those mixed bag (birthday) weeks.

It started last week with a great fall. . .

As it happened, I was working on the bed late Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and Henry had fallen asleep across the bed, more than taking his half out of the middle. Rather than move him, I just slid in the bed on the edge next to him.

Unfortunately, one of the spoonie tricks my body does is that I fall asleep sitting up without warning – it’s more like a collapse really. Normally, in my spot on the bed, this is not an issue at all. However, when it happened with me sitting on the edge of the bed, I woke up flying through the air and hit the hardwood floor with a mighty thud.

In addition to many small bruises, I have a hematoma on my left hip and a huge bruise on my right hip and as well as one on my right abdomen/side. My hips and spine are incredibly sore as well.

Since the fall, I have been just exhausted, with my spoonie body trying to recover.

(like all great falls, this has kicked off a flare, complete with my lupie rash blossoming. This picture is for my rheumy for my telemed appointment.)

On Friday night though, worse was to come with the most terrible news when our sweet Conner, Sara’s best friend, and her family lost their home and fur babies in a fire. Conner’s precious baby, Tesla, was Henry’s twin Pope a few Halloweens ago. We are all just crushed and heartbroken for and with them and I would give anything to fix this or make it better.

Apart from those big things, the week saw small – good but stressing – events like the beginning of Spring semester (yay!) and regular life yuck things like car issues (ugh).

With all of those goings on, Sunday I turned 43.

My precious family gave me an at-home Dinosaur birthday party that was adorbs and my husband MADE the most fabulous GF Dinosaur cake you ever saw from scratch (he is so talented and can make anything). ❤

As I’ve written in years past – and it is still true – I adore birthdays. I’ve been ungodly sick more than a few times in these past several years and I am grateful for every one that rolls around.

Especially this year, when I find myself remembering loved ones now on the other side who weren’t at this time last year, I appreciate how precious our time is.

Here’s to 43, y’all. ❤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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  1. Happy birthday to you young lady! Sorry that you fell and hope you do not have any more. I know how falls shake me up and it will usually take a few weeks before the nervous anxiety that I get when I take a tumble goes away.

    Hope you have a great day and fabulous year 43.



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