blogmas day 6 – it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas.

With the chaos of this semester, I am finishing my Christmas decorating much later than I would prefer to – I’m one of those people that would decorate in August if I could 😉 – but I am so excited that the Hippie Hut halls are now decked and it is so pretty and cozy. 

My better half had already so sweetly put up our tree and decorated our mantle for me so last night I was able to bring out the rest of our things. ❤

We have our Christmas tree – with Festivus pole also in the place. /)

Then, each of the upstairs fur babies has their own tiny tree with new little ornaments added each year:

henry’s tree. ❤
mickodemus’ tree. ❤
goblin’s tree. ❤

I am loving how the mantle turned out with everyone’s stockings this year too:

Our precious Lindsey’s Tennessee orange tree is in its permanent spot – but this year I added a new “L” ornament and a tiny nativity ornament too. ❤

lindsey’s tree. love you, sweet girl. ❤

Each year, this beautiful Santa collection that was a gift handed down from our sweet Mom is a favorite to bring out:

And this nativity that came to live with us from my Al and her family is so precious to me. ❤

Our table is ready for all the goodies for Christmas celebration and family time. ❤

And our family Advent wreath is in its place. I just love it. ❤

We also have two “year round” trees that stay up in the bedroom and my office – did I mention I love Christmas? 🙂 – and they hold some treasured ornaments. Having them up all the time makes my heart smile.

Finally, this year I found the perfect Advent calendar for my husband: there is nothing more Christmas-y than Hans Gruber falling off Nakatomi Plaza. . . 🙂


Oh, how I love Christmastime. ❤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other – and I’ll see you tomorrow for day 7 of blogmas. 

Grace and Blessings.

Today’s Christmas song is – of course – Johnny Mathis’ It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.



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