spring planting.

Especially during times of illness, my anxieties are really kicking – and I am so grateful for spring time and planting season as it just makes my heart smile.

This weekend, I noticed that it was “Plant Something Day” and “Plant a Lemon Tree Day.”

Those worked out well – as we already had some planting to do – including a lemon tree. ❤

My better half has worked so hard to help me get our flower beds ready for Spring and my family has given me the most lovely outside gifts for Mother’s Day as well.

I have wanted a St. Francis statue for so long – and Courtney really outdid himself. ❤
I absolutely love my flower display from Bug. ❤
My St. Francis on our porch. . . oh my word. ❤

In addition to these lovely gifts, my better half gave me a lemon tree I’ve been wanting for a long time and also helped me plant the most nifty orange flowery tree in our cauldron by our garage. ❤

I am super stoked about the rest of our outside plants as well.

My inside plant family is happily growing along as well – which makes my heart smile so big. ❤

There’s always room for more.

I know it’s hard to explain the joy of plants to non-gardening folks – as I was one for many years – but now it is absolutely one of my favorite things.

Yay for spring planting. ❤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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