infusion day.

As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, yesterday I was given my scheduled long acting antibiotic infusion, the first I had needed in some time, for the beginnings of my MRSA cellulitis flaring in my right foot.

unhappy feets (slightly) – with some CRPS grumps on the side.
So grateful for infusion clinic – to head off awful things like hospital stays and surgeries. Thank You, Lord.

After discussing everything with my absolutely wonderful infectious disease doctor, overall he is actually happy with how long my body has held off any big infection flares – especially as I have no immune system and have also had Covid – on the oral antibiotic I take daily.

That in mind, the plan going forward is to treat this flare up with the long acting infusion and continue the oral suppressant therapy and monitor everything carefully as always.

So, today I was given the infusion and sent home to find my bed.

I am profoundly grateful that this long acting IV antibiotic is an option – as opposed to all of the alternatives – but the first few days of it do feel pretty dang rough.

I have been a little hibernating grizzly bear this evening – with some kicking nausea.

However, I have no plans for the next day or so except to sleep and take zofran and give these meds their 48 hours to really start working – and I am so thankful to have them on board – and to have gotten them in time while the infection was still localized.

Thank the Lord.

I’m praying to keep mending quickly to get into all the good things soon. 🙂

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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