fernweh (so much this now).

fernweh (German): an ache for distant places, missing places you’ve never been.

*craving for travel*

As you know if you’ve been here for awhile, I love to travel.

Big adventures, small road trips, little outings around town. . . I just love finding new things to get into with my people.

Well. . . Between the hip and the flares and the very necessary quarantine, there have been no outings. . .

I know I can’t be the only one.

Am I here to suggest we all break free and break all the rules and take off?


With the virus numbers in my part of the world continuing to worsen, I will be following the advice of the public health officials – and, for my health, my doctors as well – who know what’s up and I’ll be staying put for awhile – even when my hip is better behaved.

Still, I’ve been thinking and looking for ways to “see” new places now and – as usual – I’m reading and learning new things during this time too.

Some ideas for those of us who are feeling the need to “roam if you want to, roam around the world” as that is on pause for a little bit?

— Learn a foreign language that’s always called to you (I’m all about French right now).

— Disney Plus comes with Nat Geo – so tons of fabulous documentaries to watch and new places to virtually visit.

— Start a travel box or board with clippings of the places you do eventually plan to visit – like a vision board but for adventures.

— Make a travel piggy bank for your funds.

— Make a new area to enjoy at your home – like setting up a new fire pit to roast marshmallows or getting some new deck chairs to watch the sunset with your better half. The “little things” like that often bring so much pleasure.

— Look for things you CAN do in your area. Sara Bug and I are planning a trip to a local adventure zoo where we can stay in the car and drive through and may even get to pet giraffes (I LOVE giraffes!). We’ve talked about going forever and just never done it. Well, now’s the time. Safe and fun. Yay!

— Take alternate routes to your same destinations when you can. You will be surprised at the things in your area that you’ve never noticed before.

— As always, your friendly neighborhood word nerd is going to suggest reading books about those places you plan to go but haven’t gotten to yet – or, as in my case, some places you can’t go. Some travels are just plain off the table for me now – but I can always travel with the help of my writing friends. ❤

— And, finally, it’s never too early to begin planning your next BIG adventure – even if we aren’t sure yet which dates we can go. You can still make your Pinterest board, learn about the best local coffee shops and museums, plan a great itinerary, and start organizing your thoughts for a fabulous trip when you CAN go.

my next BIG dream trip. ❤

As we are all – I hope – staying in and staying safe, we can still dream big of our future adventures while we also really enjoy this time home with our people as well.

For myself, I will be so happy when we can all go get into some good stuff together – but I am so thankful to have these amazing people – two and four legged – to be staying home with too. ❤



Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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