As y’all can see, things are different here today, and, after saying for so long that I wouldn’t be a chronic illness blogger, I’ve realized that it is time to let go of those ideas.

When I was reading through my friend Sara Frankl’s book, Choose Joy, a few weeks ago, she wrote this about struggling against what was happening in her life in dealing with her progressive illness:

I love this phrase, ‘Blessed is the person who finds out which way God is moving, and then gets moving in the same direction.’ It took me months to finally make the decision to let go of the thing that kept me from moving in the direction my life was already headed. . . And it turns out the moment I let go of the notion that I needed life to change, rather than to change my life, the knot in my stomach went away.The moment in which I stopped trying so desperately to walk against the tide in which my life was flowing, I was relieved. – Sara Frankl, Choose Joy

She has since gone to be with Jesus but she had great wisdom.

I realized that, in trying not to focus on my CRPS, I was making a mistake in several ways – and I know now that sharing my experiences is what I need to do.

  • I can hopefully be helpful to others who are facing CRPS, especially the newly diagnosed, since it is relatively rare and there is not a great deal of information available.
  • I’ll be able to blog daily or every other day now. I’ve found myself writing less and less here – though I’ve wanted to write more often – because it seemed that so much of my content would be related to my illness. I’ve now accepted that this is just my life experience right now and sharing it may be helpful to other spoonies.
  • Expressing what I deal with may help healthy people understand what it is like to live with chronic pain and illness. Otherwise, how can people know?
  • Finally, blogging authentically every day for God to use my little blog however He wants to, as I’m working on my book too, is the best way I can be of service from my little spot right now. And that brings me great joy as well.

So, here we are. ❤

a quick crps update

Just to give a quick update, as usual, my CRPS has been doing whatever it pleases.

  • Last Sunday, at the lake, I was sitting on the couch, talking to Mom, Pop, and GJ, and I stood up to reposition myself and just FELL. I wasn’t dizzy and nothing was wrong. Just BOOM, fall down. Thankfully, I fell on carpet and wasn’t hurt, just super sore and a bit off kilter for a few days – but I am back to baseline now.
  • At lunch on Thursday, I sat down in my usual state – and stood up to leave with my right foot completely OUT. Again, nothing happened; it just went out. It would drive fine and whatnot but zero feeling for hours and it’s still. . . odd. Yay, CRPS.
  • My feet have gone CRAZY sensitive – so they are only tolerating fur-lined slippers. I am a sight to behold in public. Y’all remember that poem, “When I Am An Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple?” That’s me already. Let’s do this thing, I say. 😉

So, that’s been my latest.

good stuff too.

As always, the Lord is so good to us and I have happy things to report as well.

I love Ann Voskamp and I am so excited that her 1000 Gifts Bible Study started this week and goes through the end of the year. It involves her book, a Facebook group, live videos she does, recorded videos, and journaling. I am super stoked.

ann is one of absolute favorites.-

Also, Mom and GJ gave us the most beautiful new Christmas tree and I cannot wait to finish decorating and share pictures with y’all.

Too, Courtney gifted me this amazing overbed table to work from when I so often work from my spot in bed – AND this fabulous Christmas light phone charger that I just love – that has made working so much better.


And, finally, today Sara, Henry, and I go to spend the night with our Ginny and I am so freaking excited. I miss her so much when we are apart.

it’s here!

So, I’m off to start getting ready.

I hope y’all have the best Saturday – and keep on dancing.

Grace and Blessings.







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