800 days

800 days.

I’m writing to you with what I’m convinced is plague. Well, not really. Just a summer cold I woke up with, likely picked up from our adventuring somewhere over the past several days. Still, when everything, including my face, is sort of throbbing, plague it is in my book. šŸ˜‰

But I’m pretty sure, after I go get some de-snotters in a bit, I’ll survive, so onward. . .

The big headline today is 800 sober days for me as of yesterday. As always, I want to take a minute to give thanks for this, a total God thing.

Some days, most really, have been easy, honestly, a drink never given a second thought.

A few days have been crawled to, barely making it, praying with all my might.

But the help has always been there.

And I have faith it always will be.

800 days.

These days brought learning of a whole new world, of my people and time together and writing and books and projects and road trips and outings and so much love and light. . .

And, yes, as the old AA saying goes, “you have to learn to feel your feelings,” so they also brought having to learn to deal with my anxiety and tears and sickness and painful times as well . . .

But I am better and more whole for that too.

I am so grateful.


And there have been recent losses, some just unimaginable to me, to the beast that is substance abuse.

Just within the past days.

And my heart is broken for those dear to me.

So, again, and as always, I say:

If you are struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, help IS available to you. Today can be the start of your 30, 60, 100, 800, 1000, onward. . .

Here are some resources:

http://www.aa.org/ – Alcoholics Anonymous, a traditional 12 step program. If you search, you will also find online groups available.

https://na.org/ – Narcotics Anonymous, also a traditional 12 step program. As with AA, there are online groups as well.

https://al-anon.org/ – a great resource for family members of those suffering from addiction.

https://www.celebraterecovery.com/ – Celebrate Recovery, a faith based 12 step program.

https://www.hipsobriety.com/ – This was my chosen modality – but everyone is different. This is just what worked for me. Holly is real and down to earth and we had a million things in common. Regardless, there is a ton of information on her site and it is linked to her new site, The Tempest, where there is even more information available now.

There is also an amazing community on Instagram. Some awesome accounts to get started:

holly (formerly Hip Sobriety)





And, if you are looking for me, I am: theautoimmunehippie

And search hashtags: #sherecoversĀ  #wedorecoverĀ  #wearetheluckiestĀ  #recoveroutloudĀ  #teetotalerĀ  #soberlifeĀ  #soberlivingĀ  #alcoholfree

As always, if you are in crisis, please present to the closest ER to you. They WILL help you, regardless of your insurance status or anything else. Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait.

all of us – we just have to remember. ā¤

Be well, everybody.

Grace and Blessings.






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