all of our days are sacred

Celebrate, we will, for life is short but sweet for certain. – DMB

During the day yesterday, I saw a short video on Facebook from a fellow autoimmune warrior that resonated with me deeply.
I can’t really explain it – and hope you’ll take a minute to watch.

The feelings expressed in the video are familiar to me and it stuck with me throughout the day.

Then, last night, one of my lifelong friends I grew up in church with (I am from a small church and the women I am friends with from there and I have literally been together our WHOLE lives) let everyone know that the breast cancer she beat a few years ago has now returned in her spine so she must begin the cycle of treatments and doctors and all of it again.

That weighed heavy on my mind and heart throughout the night as well.

This morning, she and I messaged and I sat down to write a birthday post to my oldest daughter on Facebook – she’s 17 today – and I happened to pull up my “On This Day.”

And I saw this picture:

It’s from a dinner out four years ago to celebrate my daughter turning 13 and the precious friend on the left, Erin, would only be with us for about six months after this picture was taken. She passed away suddenly and it shook us all to our core.

I think about her often but seeing this today still took my breath for a minute.

With all of those things on my heart, I can’t help but think just how important it is that we see each day for the sacred gift it is.

Even if it is a stressful day. Even if it is a stormy day. Even if it is a flare day.

Of course, since I’ve been dealing with more sick days, I’ve been making a point to also go and do more of the things that bring me joy – and I will continue to do so, as often as I possibly can.

But this isn’t really about special trips or extraordinary plans so much as it is about making our regular days special just because they are.

Just because we are here.

Just because we have another day.

In the spirit of making my own sunshine – especially while I’m spending so much time in bed – I discovered the National Day Calendar, full of all those random “official days” to observe. 🙂
You can also follow them on Facebook. Checking their FB page was how I discovered that the Universe definitely intended for me to undertake this project today:

Synchronicity is an awesome thing. 😉

Tonight, my husband and I have tickets to see Matchbox Twenty and Counting Crows at the Ampitheater, and I am going to hobble myself right on in there, park in my seat, and have a fabulous time.

And, when we get home, I am going to start a Happiness Jar, as suggested by Elizabeth Gilbert:

No matter how rough the day, there is always at least one thing to be happy about.

Because every day is sacred.

Be well, everybody.

Love and light. ❤️💛💚💙💜

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