the good stuff

With all the heaviness and challenges and hard things lately, the autoimmune hippie is looking a little gloomy and that just won’t do so it’s time for a fresh list of the recent good stuff (and I am so incredibly blessed that there is plenty of that too ❤️):

I got to see Foo Fighters live with my better half. For those of you who don’t know, our first dog we adopted is even named Dave Grohl so this was a big deal:

I’ve been able spend more time with my precious family lately and I love it. I’m determined to continue to do so 💜:

My Sara Bug and I got to go to an amazing Women’s Conference, see one of my favorite authors there, and I made an awesome new ministry friend as well:

We made another quick (as in, we stayed for an hour) trip to Franklin, Tennessee, to meet Katie Davis and get her to sign my copy of her new book:

My amazing husband has been so wonderful to send me on all of those day trips and he also is sending me on one at the end of the month that I am so excited about to hang out with my new ministry friend and decorate duffel bags for foster children. Those little trips give me something to look forward to on my super sick days and I am so so thankful for him ❤️:

We had a low key but super fun Halloween this year:

We are getting our Christmas on now (as of November 1st, in our home, from here forward). Our tree is being decorated tonight. And, after a many year search, Clark Griswold’s dinosaur pjs are mine! And Henry now has a Christmas dinosaur shirt to match:

My beloved Saints are 7-2!!! Who Dat!!!:

We’ve been so blessed to get plugged in to Church of the Highlands McCalla and now call it home:

I am still so thankful for my sweet Henry. With all my health issues, and the resultant anxiety, he has been such a blessing and a joy:

I have not enjoyed the extra weight that has come with my new meds but I am grateful for my oils that I already have on hand to try something new along with some new information I learned from nutrition school this weekend that I am confident will help (yay!):

I am so excited to have to just passed the halfway point of my nutrition program!!!:

I wish I weren’t still having these nasty flares but I am trusting God to see me through this one as He always does:

I am truly blessed.

Be well, everybody.

Love and light. ❤️💙💛💚💜

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