it is not our weekend.

Yesterday morning I learned that my friend Amy’s husband passed away and I am just heartbroken for her and her daughter and the rest of their family.

Ryan, Mollie, and Amy.

Some things I will never understand.

I can’t imagine trying to deal with all that she has with medical issues that her husband has been suffering from for the past month and now these gut-wrenching final arrangements and then still trying to do Christmas for her children in a few weeks.

Again, if you are able, here is the Go Fund Me for this family. This is just a terrible situation:

Yesterday was just one those awful days. . .

Shortly after I learned about his passing, we had to take my Henry to the vet for a tumor on his rump.

The vet said that he feels like it is benign but it has to be removed and sent off to for pathology to be certain. As such, Henry is having surgery on Monday.

Y’all know how crazy I am about my Henry so you know that I am 110% NOT OKAY with any part of this – the tumor, the surgery, the anesthesia, or the waiting for results to know what the hell this is.

Yup, I’m freaking the freak out.

So, please, please, please pray for my baby – and maybe a little for me too – tomorrow.

My Henry and me in our matching Christmas onesies.

We ran a few errands after that – and had a few more small-ish unpleasantries (it was that day) and then came home and ate a late lunch.

After that, I laid down around 4 PM, intending to take a short nap. Instead, I collapsed until 11:30 PM.

When I woke up, my left foot was THROBBING like it never has before. This is the worst the pain has ever been. No medication will stop it – and it isn’t holding weight.

I sat up through the night and made an entirely new vision board – which I already planned to do anyway this weekend – to distract myself, hoping one of my meds would help.

I now have my new board – but no pain relief:

rethinking some goals ❤

This is so ungodly bad I don’t know what to do. There is no point really in going to the ER. They don’t do anything new about these crumbly, weak, groddy bones – but this is almost unbearable.

So here we are.

For now, I’m going to prop it up and put on a movie and try to distract myself and pray.

All good foot vibes – as well as Wonderpup surgery vibes – are appreciated.

It’s a rough go in these parts at the moment . 😦

Y’all be well today.

Grace and Blessings. ❤

oh, the bone crumble fun. 

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