i believe.

i believe in loving my people – two and four legged – big, with all of my might.

i believe in being kind, to humans and animals and the earth.

i believe in giving, whenever i am able, of my time, care, and resources.

i believe in grand adventures and weenie dogs and road trips and mischief and music and dancing and fizzy water and documentaries with my buggle and and bbt reruns with my better half and piles of books and birks and delta blues after church with my bestie and concerts and thrifting and writing every day and big travels with my ginny and tangerine yogi tea and fuzzy sweater blankets and green olives out of the jar with a fork when i’m very stressing.

i believe in my church, my happy place, with our super fab Methodist unicorn. 😉

i believe in the love of Jesus for EVERYONE, huge and open and healing and ever-present.

i believe i am here to do my very best to love like Him, as long as i have breath.

i believe in forgiveness, for other people and for myself.

i believe that it’s time to release the burdens and expectations of some that i’ve been carrying for far too long that aren’t mine to bear.

i believe that it’s okay to want to create space from those who would choose to be judgmental or unkind – even if it’s really hard to do so.

i believe that it’s time to be free.

i believe in using my words and my work to stand up for anyone who is being oppressed, they are my neighbor, my friend, and i love them – the migrant, the member of the lgbtq community, the person of color mistreated. . . i will defend them and help however i can. . .

i believe in bob goff’s ‘love everybody, always’ policy, kind of like that Jesus guy.

i believe in telling my stories now, here, and also as i continue onward with my book too, sharing my work, that it may be of service to someone else -and as writing and working also brings me so much joy.

and, finally, i believe that, no matter who tries to apply rules and restrictions, and make it complicated, and say and do mean things and box people out, at the end of the day, they can’t, because love WILL always, always, always win. ❤

Be well, everybody.

Grace and Blessings.


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