so freaking homesick – and with a new (crappy crummy bummer) diagnosis.


I have been in this hospital for six days now – and I REALLY thought I would be discharged today – but. . . NO.

Hopefully tomorrow.

We are still waiting on some cultures and the proper home medical equipment I need to come in.

I miss spending time with my husband.

I miss hanging out with my Buggle.

I miss my cozy spot.

I miss home food.

I miss sleeping like a human.

I. Haven’t. Seen. My. Henry.

I have had E N O U G H.

my current life goals. with henry herring. at my house. with my fam jam.

There have been several happenings here to report though since my last post.

First, yesterday was my surgery – and I now have my wound vac in place:

The clean out was successful and tomorrow I will be given a (much) smaller device to take home.

Unless the wound cultures reveal something entirely unexpected, the plan is for me to go home on one IV antibiotic and  one oral antibiotic as well – and to extend my course past the original stop date by a few weeks.

Additionally, I’ll be adding some new supplements – including restarting Megafoods Blood Builder, which I haven’t taken for years, as I was found to be anemic again this stay.

Otherwise, there are no major med changes. Thankfully, my diabetes has been cooperative as well.


Today, some unwelcome news came down the pike from ortho.

It turns out that the source of the gnarly right hip, buttock, and groin pain that I ‘ve been having, as well as the cause of my limp, is avascular necrosis (also known as osteonecrosis). It is a loss of blood flow to the bone that results in bone death.

Long term steroid use causes this – and RA patients are more prone to it already.

Avascular Necrosis.

Needless to say, this was so upsetting – and took a bit to get my head around.

(This after a SPECTACULARLY bad night with a nurse who did not understand post-op pain control or CRPS. . . or humans . . . or compassion . . .)

my day today. Lord, please let me go home to my people tomorrow. . .

And before I can begin to address it, I have to get this foot completely healed.

So, for now?

It’s a matter of continuing to use my cane, maintain safety, and control the pain as best I can.

Also – I have to share – that, just as I was REALLY upset and processing this news this morning, a total God thing happened. . .

this. ❤

One of our ministers, R.G., stopped in to visit me at the height of my distress and I told him what had just happened. He and I are about the same age and he appears perfectly healthy. As it turned out, he has had avascular necrosis and a total hip replacement himself – and I had no idea. He was able to tell me all about it. Granted, he doesn’t have the health issues that I do – but it was still so helpful to talk to someone who had been through this – and made such a full recovery that I couldn’t tell anything had happened.

Only God could have arranged this meeting. ❤

And I am so thankful.

AND, after he left, I got another sweet surprise.

One of my Mama’s coworkers, Katrisia, made me a huge pan of her amazing chicken salad as a get well soon present – so so SO sweet! – and my precious Mama delivered it, along with a chai latte and a case of Fresca, and came to visit me for lunch. ❤

a wonderful care package. I am a blessed lady. ❤

This evening, my better half came and spent the evening with me too. I am so ready to be back home with him, Sara Bug, and Henry P. ❤

This extended hospital living is really getting tiresome – and I’ve been making waaaay too much of a habit of it lately.

Time to break out of here – and stay out of here.

too much truthiness here lately. 😉

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.


P. S. . .  T H I S . . . Just because it DOES make all of our lives better. . . 🙂

the best thing I’ve learned all year ❤





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