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it is not our weekend.

Yesterday morning I learned that my friend Amy’s husband passed away and I am just heartbroken for her and her daughter and the rest of their family. Some things I will never understand. I can’t imagine trying to deal with all that she has with medical issues that her husband has been suffering from for…

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oh, the anxiety.

I can’t sleep tonight. The anxiety disorder that plagues me more often than I care to admit is running amok and I am having the worst time trying to get a handle on it. As y’all know, I’ve had the flu-y flu flu – and it’s lingering. My temp continues to randomly shoot up –…

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freaking. flu.

The freaking flu again, y’all. 😦 Where I used to be totally “immune” to it (for lack of a better way to say it),  as in I could work with patients with it every day and not catch it for literally YEARS, it is apparently my Kryptonite now. And I’m starting to settle in and…

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