on heparin and holter monitors and other medical whatnots that have come my way this week. . .

Well, there was no discharge for me today – and it seems certain I will make a full week with this admit.

And honestly? This has been a really strange hospital stay in so many ways.

The Early Days

First, as I’ve mentioned before, the infection manifested suddenly in BOTH feet – what the actual hay??? – and I presented to the ER last Thursday night, basically unable to walk.

My labs were a hot mess as well, with my lactic acid through the roof – and sepsis in the mix – so I was admitted to the cardiac floor for telemetry monitoring and scheduled for surgery on Friday.

I had the surgery and both feet are now all stitched and wrapped up nicely and I am on IV Vancomycin and contact precautions for MRSA of the blood and wound.


Well. . .

Changes This Admission

Through all of this admit I’ve also been getting heparin (a blood thinner) injections every 8 hours to prevent blood clots so I’m basically a walking bruise now. While I definitely see the need for it, I haven’t had it during my previous admits so I’m having to adjust to life as a peach.

And, with my having been septic several times now, it was necessary to bring cardiology on board to check out my heart for safety’s sake. They ordered an echocardiogram and have all but flat out said they will be ordering a transesophogial echocardiogram once the results of the regular scan come in. (Hold that thought)

While cardiology has been ordering things, my left leg – actually the hip area – has been getting worse and worse to the point that I can barely walk and scream in pain when I have to shift weight to it or lift it onto the bed.

The pain actually radiates from my inner thigh region and is overwhelming.

It is unrelieved by the strongest IV pain meds.

Something is very wrong.

So far, a hernia, avascular necrosis of my LEFT hip as well, a CRPS spread to that region, or pain originating from my bad disks in my spine have all been mentioned.

A test was ordered late in the evening on 5.4 to begin assessing the situation.

I was MUCH worse on 5.5.

In fact, I am still waiting on ALL of these tests and they were ALL ordered on 5.4.


Miranda and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I hear you, Alexander.

Early yesterday (5.5) morning, I showered and got ready, thinking I was having all of the tests and hopefully going home.

Oh, hell no.

First, I ended up with a nurse who wasn’t rude or nasty – but, for my fellow Seinfeld fans, she was a total Vegetable Lasagna. Oh, Joy.

Then, my IV I had since the ER blew – and I learned that Veggie couldn’t start one when she ran for help. After two tries, her backup got a new line.

That line lasted about. . . . two? hours. . . and blew.

Then her back up came and tried three more times, digging into my arms, to no avail.

At that point, I stopped him and said no more, find some one else.

Lunch trays arrived at that time – and I had already ordered a specific gluten free meal because dietary here struggles MIGHTILY with celiac disease and food allergies. In fact, all but one breakfast this admit, I’ve gotten a pile of scrambled eggs and toast – along with a slip of paper that says I’m allergic to eggs and on a gluten free diet.

Yes, it’s that ridiculous.

(And, due to the COVID-19 situation, food delivery is not an option.)

So, the first go round, they sent not what I ordered but this:

all of the gluten. thanks, y’all.

Then, after saying they were correcting the problem and sending nothing for over an hour, they sent the total wrong thing AGAIN.

Finally, at almost 2 PM, they sent chopped steak and a baked potato with NO condiments.

G O O D  G R I E F .

As I was sorting the food – my blood sugar was 69 and I just didn’t care to fuss anymore – Veggie Lasagna appeared to tell me I was getting a PICC line because I was “too hard to get an IV on.”


So the fabulous nurse who places PICC lines came around 3:30 PM – and she’s placed a couple for me before with no issues.

This time?

It took FOUR tries – with her threading wires through my veins and all that not-so-fun stuff.


Finally, I had a PICC line – and I began to realize that I was NOT having my tests OR going home yesterday.

Percy the PICC

The Good Stuff

The only good thing that came from the day of pain and pin cushioning was that my better half was finally allowed to come in and visit me. Thank You, Lord. ❤

beautiful flowers from my wonderful husband. ❤

Now I am just ready to get to the root of what is causing this awful pain and GO HOME to my family. I hate this.

Trusting Him

For tonight, I am so so tired. This day of pain and frustration has caught up with me.

I am leaning into this verse:

I am praying for tests and answers and discharge home very soon.

I am trusting Him.

Again, all prayers, good vibes, and warm fuzzies are appreciated.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.


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