facing the hard times of chronic illness. and getting back up.

What. A. Week.

It’s seen two hospital trips – the GI bleed on Monday, then another on Wednesday for an infection in my hand.

Like other infections I’ve dealt with, that started with a minor scrape on my hand on a hinge in a cabinet. I immediately cleaned and bandaged the wound – but it didn’t matter. I still found myself with an infection.

a simple wound – which, for me, turns into a big thing quickly. 😦

At the hospital, I got to contend with the COVID-19 situation again as well as an asshat ER doctor Sara named Lord Farqauud. Trust me, it was appropriate. . .

Since Thursday, my left hip and – the new issue, my left knee – have been on fire and not cooperating well. I’m sure some of this is related to overuse and some of it is stress.

where I am right now.

The increased pain has also brought on more sleep issues than usual as well. For the most part, I’m sleeping 45 minutes to an hour at a time when I fall asleep. Every now and then, usually in the evenings, I will collapse and sleep for a few hours consecutively.

Some additional HUGE stressors that came down the pike yesterday – just life – brought on a CRPS flare in my feet and face the likes of which I haven’t seen in a very long time. The stuck in an ice bucket/burning fire kind that are hard to explain – and hard to escape as well.

All of this combined has resulted in many tears related to how I just get TIRED of being sick sometimes. Who the hell wouldn’t?


I saw this on Pinterest while I was in the waiting room of the hospital – and felt it on a spiritual level . .

So, it’s been a beast, y’all.

Sometimes the spoonie life is just a bitch and I have to be honest about that.

BUT. . . of course, it’s now time to gather and regroup. . .

So, this weekend I’ll be resting lots and hanging out with my better half and my Sara Bug and Henry the Wonderpup and reading and writing and watching documentaries and viewing Hamilton for the 34th time and investigating more of Broadway HD (yay!) and drinking all the kombucha and La Croix and eating all the veggies and taco soup and going to virtual church and recovering in my cozy spot.

And all of those things?

Make it a fabulous life – even with the spoonie ailments.

this. ❤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and blessings.

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