back from the latest round.

The thing about chronic illness is that I truly never know what’s coming – and I never know what will be the thing that will just lay me out.

she who laughs lasts.

I’ve been MIA because of an ailment that started with a resistant sinus infection. While unpleasant, I’ve had chronic sinusitis literally my entire life and I don’t usually expect that to totally put me out of commission.

However, I’ve been fighting this particular infection through several rounds of antibiotics and it just would not go away.

Finally, at the end of last month, I got really sick and was put on an antibiotic that I haven’t taken in probably 25 years or so – and it LAID. ME. OUT.

Please understand – I am not a medication weenie. Not only do I take what feels like every regular medication under the sun without difficulty, I’ve also endured MONTHS of some of the strongest IV antibiotics available in the past year, for the most part with no issues.

And none of that has mattered at all.

I have been so incredibly sick.


Needing unbelievable amounts of sleep.


Chest pain.

Massive GI symptoms.

My Crohn’s exacerbated.

Every food making me terribly ill.

At the end of therapy, a GI bleed.

CRPS symptoms I haven’t experienced in some time have returned.

This has been unreal.

I will never take this medication again.

All that said, I’m back and upright and have a couple of MD appointments this week to sort all the residual effects out.

Good grief.

It’s taken me a few days to even write this because I didn’t want to seem to be carrying on – but this is just my reality.

It’s amazing what a “little” sinus infection has done. Now it’s cleared out – but I have my joints involved and my CRPS, a bleed, my Crohn’s. . .

It’s brought down the house.

Such is the spoonie life.

For now, I am cozy in bed with my Snuggie and the world’s cutest weenie dog.

My family has been taking amazing care of me and I am so blessed.

I’m so happy to be back writing to y’all and I trust that things will get better.

I’ve been doing some fascinating research for my book and have some really nifty things I can’t wait to share with y’all this week.

So, as always, onward. . . ❤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and blessings.


  1. Hi. I found you on Pinterest when I saw the pin that says “some days are harder than others” and I feel like God compelled me to click to this blog. I’m glad I did, because I also have Crohn’s and I’m experiencing all the pains and aches as well. It really is such a painful, depressing, debilitating disease. Unfortunately I am quite depressed so I don’t have any words of motivation to give you, but I wanted to you know that at least you aren’t alone (I know I feel like I am sometimes). I hope when you read this is a low pain day at least. My email is if you would like to respond. Sending love, Tianna.

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    • Friend, I am so sorry you are walking through Crohn’s! One of my closest friends lives with it and it is such a beast. I’m glad you are here and know that you are not alone. I will pray for your pain and your depression as well and I am trying to get myself back together here after a rough ride with Covid. Sending you love and prayers! Miranda


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